A blast from the past

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Traditional Indian jewellery is known for its beauty, craftsmanship and variety. It comprises  jewellery pieces that are worn on almost every part of the body where each ornament holds a traditional and rustic importance.


By weaving the old magic back, the Midas collection by Sunita shekhawat incorporates all the traditional ornaments like sarpech, hasli, bajubandh and poochi that hold a significant place in history.

1. Sarpech-

Sarpech, a Turban ornament is an ultimate symbol of royalty, wealth and status which was earlier worn exclusively by Maharajas and Nizams. This head jewellery is usually studded with diamonds, emeralds and still remains as a personal favorite among men.

An emerald and uncut diamond sarpech from Midas Collection

An emerald and uncut diamond sarpech from Midas Collection

The Aad set-

The Aad is an ornament that adorns the neck and flows down to decorate the chest; it is the most elaborate ornament worn by the Rajput queen. In the ancient period it was the central piece of the bride’s wedding jewellery and symbolized her transition from girl to woman.

An Ariya Set

An Aad Set

3. Hasli-

This collar necklace, also known as “Hasli” is typically worn by the tribal women of the north-western region of India. The basic form of the hasli is a rigid circular ornament with a hollow or solid construction. It derives its name from the collarbone on which it rests. The men hansli is distinguished from those worn by women and children.



Bajubandh is worn by the men as well as by women on the upper part of the hand. It was traditionally worn on the important occasions and festivals.
The Poonchi is a hand ornament worn on the wrist by the women; it is usually made out of gold with a hint of pearls, kundan and other gem stones.

The Armbands locally known as "Poonchi "

The Armbands locally known as “Poonchi “

Apart from wearing these jewellery pieces with ethnic attires they can be mixed matched with the western outfits also and we are sure that they will definitely add their unique touch to your look.

5 Trendy Jewellery Picks which are must have this Season

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Jewellery can surely make or break any look and when it comes to festivals or weddings one doesn’t want to take any chance and desire to look picture perfect in the most reliable and trendy jewellery pieces. So here we bring to you a quick jewellery check list from the Midas collection which are must have this festive season.

1. Sometimes, a pair of earnings can add just the right amount of interest to your look, particularly when your hair is pulled off your face. So here are these kundan earnings which will definitely make you feel both festive and feminine.

SS Diamonds2. Whether it is a sari or a lengha this beautifully designed necklace with polki, diamonds and a dash of emerald is a perfect companion to turn heads on to you.

Sunita Shekhawat Emerald Jaipur3.Exquisite and timeless, this gold and meena bangle is a stunner.
With this bangle you can surely put less emphasis on your clothes or makeup.


4. To pull off your festive look, grace your finger with this beautiful diamond cocktail ring from Midas by Sunita Shekhawat. This intricately designed ring is a statement in itself and will surely hint people about your classic taste in jewellery.


5. All accessories for feet rule the fashion runways from ages .So Let your feet do the talking with this classic ‘kundan’ embedded sterling gold anklet and toe ring which will not fail to go unnoticed.

Toe-ring and Anklet

Toe-ring and Anklet

Paring right amount of jewellery with our outfit can make you look glamorous. So this season adorn yourself with these trendy picks with your most fashionable attires to add a dash of dazzle to your festivals.

The Evergreen Art of Meenakari

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India’s glorious tradition of creativity and craftsmanship finds its reflection in various art forms like kundan, meena, polki which are intricately used by the jewellers to create beautiful jewellery pieces from the ancient era.

1911877_623353361052555_402627917_nJaipur for the fact being the jewellery hub and most preferred shopping destination for the jewellery lovers, is very much popular for its ancient art of embellishing metal that is locally know as Meenakari .

600862_496138103774082_414523255_nEnameling or Meenakari is one of the age old art of coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over its brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design.Gold is traditionally used as a base for the meenakari jewellery as it holds the enamel better, lasts longer and its luster brings out the colors of the enamels.

earingdSuntia Shekhawat embraces this timeless art of enamelling in a very flawless and imitable manner in the enticing designs of her collections. Whether it is bracelet, pendant or a necklace this fine art is beautifully complemented with the gold, stones and pearls in Suntia Shekhawat’s jewellery collections.

Celebrating the charisma of the regal past with a dash of modernity

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For every Indian woman the head jewellery has always remained as an ornament to intensify the beauty of her hair. At Sunita Shekhawat, the head ornaments like traditional maang tikas and jhoomar acquire inspiration from the era of Nizams & Maharajas along with a few modern enhancements to the head jewellery like hair clips and colourful maang tikas, which are deliberately designed to go with indo- western and traditional attires, be it a sari, a lengha or an anarkali suit.

sunita s hair jwelThe head jewellery has been worn by Indian men from the era of Maharajas as it symbolized power, wealth & stature. Since then, these diamonds, rubies and emeralds, studded sarpech and brooches were the personal favorites among men.

sunita s head jewelleryEvery piece has been carefully designed and crafted by Sunita shekhawat, who salutes to era of Indian royalty with her varied modern, traditional & classic head jewellery collections for men & women.

sunita s head 3Each precious stone reveals the splendor & magnificence of the regal past with a touch of uniqueness & modernity.

Celebrities in Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery

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Madhuri for Sunita Shekhawat

From bollywood cults like Madhuri Dikhsit, star divas like Nargis Fakhri to iconic author and activists like Shobhaa De, women from all walks have adorned Sunita Shekhawat jewellery.


It is a moment of pride for the brand, when such icons think of Sunita Shekhawat jewellery as a reflection of their personality, their inner diva and the lady that the world looks up to!


The penchant for certain gem-stones, personal favorites is always there, and so is the need to discuss their choices through a series of appointements. The trust however, is constant!

Indulging in Traditional Jewellery

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If you have a penchant for traditional jewellery, then enamel, kundan-meena and gold are amongst your favourites!


The craft of these jewellery forms has been valued through the decades, and has got more precious in this time. Even if you let yourself indulge in one of such classic pieces, it’ll be your gift for the generations to come!


These ever-green masterpieces have to selectively chosen, and do not have to be necessarily bought in pairs; you could buy a jadau bangle or kadha, a neck-piece or earrings in isolation.

Be sure of the form of traditional jewellery you’re looking for.

The Queen of Gems: Pearl

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If there’s one gemstone that transcends shores and geographies, and speaks the language of taste and substance, it is pearl.


Wore alike by the the royal houses across the world, in the modern day, it is the mark of women who mean  business and substance!

Here are some interesting pearl facts:

  • Cleopatra won a bet against Marc Antony that she could spend a small fortune on a single meal costing more than the assets of a country. She took off a pearl earring, dissolved it in vinegar and drank it!


  • The most densely populated pearl oyster beds in the world lie are off the coast of northern and western Australia. This rough sea is the source of some of the largest and finest pearls in the world, known as South Sea pearls. The largest of South-Sea cultured pearls can go upto 22 mm!



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